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At-Home Exercise Videos and Tips

Take a break from your daily routine and join Jill Edwards, our Director of Education, as she shares important exercise tips and demonstrates techniques on how to perform various exercises at home.

1-Minute Plank Workout

A strong core is vital for injury prevention and proper posture. When done the right way, plank exercises not only fire up your core, but they are also great at strengthening the muscles in your arms, neck, and shoulders as you hold your bodyweight. Plus, planks can help you build endurance. So, how do you actually do a proper plank?

1-Minute Squats Workout

Take a break from your daily routine and do a one-minute squat challenge! Squats are one of the most functional movements around. We squat many times throughout the day without even realizing it but may be doing it incorrectly. When done properly, this simple exercise focuses on strengthening our entire lower body.

Criss Cross Pilates Exercise

Criss cross is a pilates mat exercise that works your core with a special emphasis on the obliques and lower abdominals. It is important to keep your body centered, focus on your core, and remember to breathe throughout the exercise.

Outer Thigh Exercise

Most lower body exercises target the front and back of your thighs. Outer thighs are a common problem area that often gets missed when we work out. But outer thighs play an important role in stabilizing your knee and hip joints. Feel the burn with these easy and effective outer thigh exercises!

Plié Squats Exercise

A plié squat is a lower body exercise that strengthens the thighs, quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes. Because of the placement of your feet, it allows you to work different muscles from a standard squat exercise. Plié squats stretch the back of your legs while improving balance and stability.

Got Tech Neck? Try These Posture Exercises

Forward head posture, also known as text neck or tech neck, occurs when your neck slants forward instead of being aligned with the midline of your torso. This is the result of engaging in bad habits such as looking down at your cell phone or sitting in front of the computer for too long. Over time, this causes weakening of certain muscles and tightening of others, which can create pain and discomfort.

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