Supplements Articles

Shining a Light on Vitamin D

It’s that time of year again. Many of us wake up and go to work in the dark. We work all day and return home in the dark.

Vitamins and Supplements

Most importantly, it is often stated, perhaps almost as a main theme, that the use of vitamin and mineral supplements is an important strategy for promoting and re-gaining health.

Evaluating the Need for Supplementation

It is important not to be too certain, not to the point of nihilism but at least to an awareness, that today's 'truths' are often tomorrow's shortcomings.

Tracking Anti-Oxidants in Rural China

In the China Study, total vegetable consumption was 315 grams/day (11.1 oz) compared to 181 grams/day (6.3 oz) in the US. We were able to get a pretty good idea of antioxidant vitamin status by comparing the relative percentages …

How To Sell A Diet Pill

Maybe a second pill might be found to "correct" the problems created by the first. Did you ever see the pillboxes of our elderly?

RDA’s: Time to Peel Back the Labels

Every once in a while, when strolling through the grocery store with my wife, Karen, I get up the nerve to look at those nutrient profiles on the side of the package.

Do You Need Vitamin Supplements?

Why are these nutrients so established in our minds, so impervious to change? What are these things? Are they, more or less, mostly the same?