Plant-Based Diet Tips Articles

Plant-Based Tips for Cooking Without Oil

Trying to figure out how to cook oil-free? Cooking instructor Terri Edwards shares her tips and advice for how to sauté, bake, roast, and fry without oil.

6 Plant-Based Foods to Supercharge Your Sex Life

Did you know that eating more plant-based foods can increase blood flow and help improve your sex life and pleasure? Certain foods can help boost your libido, energy, and passion.

Top 15 Spices for Plant-Based Cooking

Plant-based cooking instructor Terri Edwards shares her top 15 spices and flavorings that she uses on a regular basis to create amazingly flavorful and healthy dishes.

5 Tips for Storing Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

After trips to the farmers’ market or grocery store you have nutritious, colorful fruits and vegetables in your kitchen. But, are you storing produce properly?

How to Travel on a Plant-Based Diet

Fortunately, plant-based eating is such a worldwide movement these days that it’s easier than ever to follow this lifestyle on the road.

Whole Foods, Plant-Based Diet Sample Menu

Looking for a plant-based sample menu? The Center for Nutrition Studies has put together some tasty recipes for you to explore on our website.