Genetic Seeds of Disease: How to Beat the Odds

How often these days do you read that genes cause cancer? Probably nothing in biomedical science deserves more attention. In my view, it even needs attention in nutrition newsletters.

China Report – Dietary Fiber: Preventing Cancer in China

The cancer-prevention properties of dietary fiber are hardly a secret. Indeed, in modern times the late Dr. Denis Burkitt (of Burkitt's Lymphoma fame) made the so-called "fiber story" famous in his work among native Africans.

Tamoxifen’s Untold Story

I receive many newspaper clippings on nutrition, sent by friends and colleagues, and coming from many parts of the world.

Avoiding Breast Cancer with Diet

Breast cancer is clearly a terrifying disease. Out of every nine women in America, at least one will fall victim to its toll. Despite massive research and immense funding, scientists are often at odds regarding its possible causes.