Treatments and Supplements

Vitamins and Supplements

Most importantly, it is often stated, perhaps almost as a main theme, that the use of vitamin and mineral supplements is an important strategy for promoting and re-gaining health.

Evaluating the Need for Supplementation

It is important not to be too certain, not to the point of nihilism but at least to an awareness, that today's 'truths' are often tomorrow's shortcomings.

The Benefits of Fasting

In this article you will learn about some of the tremendous benefits that can be derived from a properly conducted fast.

When properly utilized, fasting is a safe and effective means of maximizing the body’s self-healing capacities. The results can be truly amazing. Before going on to describe some of the many advantages of fasting, let’s define it. Fasting is the complete abstinence from all substances except pure water, in an environment of total rest. Let’s also keep in mind that fasting is only one part of the total health-supporting program we call Natural Hygiene.

Health results from healthful living. No matter how successful a fasting experience might be, it needs to be followed by a consistently healthy lifestyle. The requirements of health must continue to be provided, especially in the areas of diet, environment, activity and psychology.

The examples that follow are just a few of the many beneficial uses of fasting.

An aid in transition

During the past seven years I’ve worked with thousands of patients from all over the world who had a wide variety of disorders and health concerns. A great many of these patients required a period of supervised fasting to achieve their health goals. Virtually all of them needed to make lifestyle changes to achieve improved health. Fasting made the transition easier!

My observation is that the best motivating factor in helping people adopt healthful living practices is often the positive reinforcement that comes with feeling good and healthy.


How To Sell A Diet Pill

Maybe a second pill might be found to "correct" the problems created by the first. Did you ever see the pillboxes of our elderly?

Fasting – Back to the Future

Although the notion of electing to go without food for prolonged periods of time to improve one's health has not been something commonly considered in recent times, fasting has a long and important history.

Arthritis and Joint Pain

Learn how to live without this debilitating disease! People in non-western cultures who eat diets low in animal fat and protein have much lower incidences of all types of arthritis!